Graduated with honor fashion design in Shenkar College of Engineering, Design and Art.

Shahar can be described as one that walks the narrow line between art and fashion, but for her it would not be an accurate description. Her art is a rich complex of different dimensions combined together to create a whole using fashion, drawing, collages and embroidery.

using the pain and joy that takes place every moment in her life Shahar gives a visual expression of her feelings using different objects and images in the tangible world. She believes that today we are used to creating a perfect image of ourself that doesn’t reflect who we are. We hide the real journey we are experiencing, a combination of beautiful and terrible adventures. her work reflect her belief that all people experience similar processes  in their lifetime and we shouldn't try to embellish or modify them to fit in.

All of shahar’s creations are components of different journeys she had been through or in the process of with herself .Each journey she decides to observe and plunge in through memories, word, drawing colors and shapes until a new collection is born. The collection is haute couture made by the finest materials, unique personal details and handmade embroidery combined with Swarovski stones, metals and other surprises.

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"... I believe in love and I love fashion ..."