Shahar Avnet is a haute couture fashion brand based in Tel Aviv, consisting of garments which are contrasting, young and fun.

Affluent with handmade embroideries, that combine several techniques, using unconventional materials, colorful details, and Swarovski stones.

Shahar derives her inspiration by fusing the world of art with the world of fashion, merging the intangible dimension of the mind with the physical body.

After showcasing her graduating collection at ‘Shenkar College of Engineering and Design’, Avnet was constantly approached by individuals, high profile Stylists, Boutiques, and International Fashion Magazines. Articles featuring Zendaya wearing SHAHAR AVNET on W magazine, and Vogue Italy featuring the brand. Since then we’ve had the honor of dressing many celebrities such as  Beyonce, Chloe x Halle, Kelly Rowland.

Since launching the brand, together with the worldwide buzz, and interest in Shahar’s designs we decided to focus on designing for the International market.

The brand is multi-seasonal and dynamic to reflect the diverse and constantly changing world of fashion.