2015 , "Black Dress"


This project was a journey into the imaginary world. I created a customer, and all the elements of her life that surround her. Her name is Michelle, she is 29 years old. She lives in Soho, in New York. She is a writer, a writer of poetry. She writes a blog and is also a regular contributor for a local newspaper. She stands out as creative inspiration for many other designers. She has a crush on the 70's! She is an obsessive collector, from every facet of her life. 

I created a "Black Dress" for the launch event of her first book of songs and for her 30th birthday party. 

On the dress you can see manual embroidery.


She's 29,  She believes that she's bigger than life but still she wants to remember that she's only a spot in the universe.

That's why she lives in New York.