2014 , Clothes Tale


In this project we were given a story as inspiration, from which I chose to explore my connection with the romantic relationships in my life, and the fear that lies within them and me.This work was created using my most intimate pieces of personal history.  They are taken from my personal diaries, since the age of 14 and various other times in my life. I started this journey from two key words; ‘relationship’ and ‘fear’. After reading my diaries and continuing to write, a complete story emerged.

In this work I focus on the exact moments that I simultaneously fulfil two extremes. One is intimacy and joy, the other is fear and nausea. The following pieces express both extremes.

"My better half. Everyone talks about finding him...And me? I am  whole
And when i face a whole person. I'm facing the fear that suddenly he will stay
And all that will remain of me is just a half?"